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Health promotion is of the utmost importance in an organization, but it takes time and expertise. 

The Défi Entreprises program gives you a structured, turnkey program led by a team of professionals. You will also receive tools to promote within your company.

In addition, as the program ends with an adapted event, it is mobilizing and safe for your teams!


  • Participating companies offer their employees to participate in a 21-day in-company physical activity program during which participants commit to taking at least 15 minutes a day to take care of their health.
  • Each day, 3 Challenges are offered in each of the following 3 categories:
    • Physical activity
    • Mental Health
    • Nutrition
  • During these 21 days, participants have access to a comprehensive health toolkit;
  • The program ends with a unifying event in which participants can take part in a virtual or face-to-face manner.
  • Companies can track their number of participants throughout the Challenge.


The program is aimed at organizations with 2 to 100 employees. Self-employed? You are also eligible since we have a category for this purpose that does not require the registration of a business.


Companies that register undertake to promote the Challenge to their employees. We take care of the rest!


  1.  Determine who will be the manager in your company, that is to say the person who will be responsible for coordinating the Défi Entreprises internally;
  2.  Register the company on the platform Race Roster;
  3. If you wish to receive additional services, you can book them through our Service page;
  4. Select the amount the company would like to pay on each employee's registration. Indicate 0 if you do not wish to contribute;
  5. Following your registration, we will send you the tools to promote the Challenge within your company.


The entire preparation period takes place remotely. Businesses from across Canada can participate. The final event takes place 100% online for Virtual Package participants, while the Experience Package ends with an event available in the Montreal region and in the Quebec City region.


- The basic cost to register your business is $ 100 + tx per Défi (Quebec and Montreal) before September 10 and $ 135 + tx thereafter. ;

- Then, your company can choose to receive one or more conferences ($ 400) and / or trainings ($ 100) if it wishes.

- Finally, once the company has registered, each participant must register at a cost of $ 30 (Virtual Package) or $ 45 (Experience Package) depending on the package chosen. The company can choose to pay all or part of this amount.


A trophy will be awarded to the company which has obtained the highest percentage of participation in the Challenge, in 4 categories. The participation percentage is calculated by dividing your number of participants by your total number of employees:

- Small businesses: 10 to 99 employees

- Medium-sized companies: 100 to 499 employees

- Large companies: 500 to 1999 employees

- Very large companies: 2000 employees and more

The Fastest Business Contest

We will give a trophy to the company which brings together the 5 fastest runners for the 5 km distance and a trophy to the company which brings together the 5 fastest runners for the 10 km distance. 

The most generous company competitione

A trophy will be awarded to the company that has raised the most money in donations for the foundation associated with the Défi Entreprises in its city.

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