The various services we offer are excellent complements to your participation in the Défi Entreprises. Select a conference to mobilize your troops or group training to ensure a good follow-up for your participants!

Behind the number, there is the story by Nathalie Bisson, Alias ​​Madame Pace du Bonheur

Theme: Motivating and inspiring conference

Description: Sometimes performance goals and the fear of failure keep us from moving forward. What if we gave ourselves time to enjoy the pleasure of being active?

In this inspiring conference, Nathalie Bisson explains her journey, how she combined her illness and her desire to continue to move. It helps us understand that we should stop judging ourselves and instead focus on our achievements.

Conference on nutrition by Karine Gravel, nutritionist and doctor of nutrition: 

Theme: Intuitive eating to improve your relationship with food


This conference is an introduction to intuitive eating and its benefits on physical and psychological health. The goal of this caring approach is to improve your relationship with food and with your body. Several themes will be discussed such as diet culture, hunger, satiation, prohibited foods, eating pleasure, emotions, body image and the perception of physical activity. Advice will be offered to put into practice the different principles of the science-based approach. It is an invitation to eat intuitively and to become the expert or the expert of your body.

Conference on mental health at work by Vickie Chaput-Taillefer, occupational therapist

Theme: How to take care of your mental health in times of COVID-19

Description: In this period when the pandemic is prolonged in time and where each of us is
faced with difficulties at different levels that test our mental health,
this training aims to:
- Put in context the concepts of good mental health;
- Define and know how to recognize the precursor signs of psychological fragility;
- Learn concrete tools and strategies to take care of their mental health;
- Explore ways to break the isolation in times of isolation linked to the pandemic;
- Better understand the concept of adaptation to situations linked to changes and
how to put it into practice on a daily basis.

Immersive and theoretical workshop. With the experience of mobile escape games, we bring out the emotional issues related to business challenges by Jean-Michel Pelletier, Psychologist


1. Optimize mental skills in learning and challenging situations. 

2. Learn coping strategies in the face of stress and changes. For example: learning new software while dealing with the fear of being judged or of feeling less competent. 

3. Understand three levers that can quickly increase motivation and mental energy in all employees according to scientific research. For example, optimizing valuation and constructive criticism in a context of challenges or stress.

Group training sessions led by Cardio Plein Air:

Theme: Train with your colleagues

Description: A trainer will come to your workplace to lead a training session that will include a warm-up period, a training period as well as a cool-down period. The content of the session is at the choice of the company.

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